Bar & Sole Rasp-1

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Curved rasp-tooth tool for removing excess horn from sole and bars
Part Number: SR-1
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The Bar and Sole Rasp-1 has a half-round form with pointed rasp style teeth. It can be used in one or two hand grips to remove excess horn over the bars and sole of the hoof. These teeth are particularly effective in grinding down rough sole horn but leave a rougher finish than the Knife Tooth SR-2. Best choice for hard, slick sole horn. It has hoof pick and scraping point for removing dirt and grit from bars, sole, white line, and wall cracks. There are three different arcs for use on different shapes of sole. The Bar and Sole rasps are an alternative to using a hoof knife and involve less risk of gouging the sole or cutting your self with the knife blade. Made from high carbon steel for long lasting teeth. These teeth can be repeatedly re-sharpened using our special Honing Pad.

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