Radius Rasp-2

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Hoof wall rounding rasp with replaceable, solid stainless steel, rasp tooth blade
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The Radius Rasp-2 is a hoof wall rounding tool like the RR-1.  The pointed rasp teeth on its solid stainless steel blade are best for removing rough or sharp edges on the wall when forming the Mustang Roll. It leaves a rougher surface than the RR-1 so the two are designed to be used in sequence, first the RR-2 to form the roll and then the RR-1 to smooth it. The handle form is the same as the RR-1 and can be used in both one and two hand grips, pushing and pulling. Because the RR-2 is more aggressive than the RR-1, it is best for hard hoof walls.

  • 4 1/2" long, durable black plastic handle
  • Long-lasting, rust-proof solid stainless steel blade with rasp teeth
  • Curved blade for easier rounding of hoof wall
  • Includes a powerful magnet for mounting to steel surfaces
  • Ergonomic shape with finger grooves for secure grip
  • Blades slides out for quick replacement

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