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Products that Promote Optimal Hoof Shape and Function

Testimonials: Comments from our customer e-mails—in their own words:

"'Evolutionary Tools', a new generation of hoof care tools and equipment, continue to help me do my job very effectively, making the work considerably more efficient while facilitating very nicely finished hooves. I would say unequivocally that they have helped significantly to "raise the bar" in NHC -- an important step forward in the evolution of our profession."

Jaime Jackson, Natural Hoof Care Author
"Love the RR PRO! Easy to use, very effective. It's my favorite tool - one I won't be without."

Joel Means, AANHCP Certified Practitioner,Texas
"I am a farrier and am always skeptical of new gimmicks. When I received the sole rasp and the two radius rasps, I gave them a try. I was very pleasantly surprised and my wife even enjoyed using them. I showed them to a friend in our barn and she wanted me to immediately order her the same tools. I would highly recommend them to anyone who keeps their horses barefoot like we do!!!!!! Thank you.""

Michael Broske, Colorado Springs, Colorado
"Used the original Radius Rasp today for first time. Pretty nice product.
Been shoeing since 1975. When I read Horseshoeing Theory and Hoof Care in
1977 it changed by whole understanding of hoof balance. Good to see a
tool which makes a balanced barefoot trim easier to accomplish."

Margaret Halas, Berea, Ohio
"I have recently ordered your Radius Rasp to try and I loved it! I have been looking for a tool that can be used by my clients to maintain the Mustang roll between trims. This is especially true for my clients who use boots. I gave your tool to a client to see how easy it would be for the lay person to use. With little instruction she has become quickly proficient with your Radius Rasp. "

Drea Gibson, Barefoot Success, WA
"I have to say I think due to your fabulous tools I have finally got my Nugget's feet in a good shape. He has pigeon toes and puts a lot of pressure on the outside of the front feet. He's no longer lame (just a wee bit sensitive, but our ground is soft) and we just had our best ride since last winter. Oh, and his mood has changed back to the old Nugget I know and love. SO a huge thanks from him and me for designing such amazing, easy-to-use tools."

Rhonda Stove, EQUINZ, New Zealand