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The Hoof Buffer-1

A Flexible, Adjustable Tension Sanding Tools for Rounding and Smoothing Hoof Walls

A great finishing tool for professional trimmers
and the best touch-up tool for the horse owner's grooming kit.

The Hoof Buffer-1 'Original' w/ Replaceable Flexible Sanding Belt

The Hoof Buffer-1 has been designed so that its sanding belt can flex slightly when applied to the edge of the hoof wall. This action allows you to create the smoothest surface possible when rounding the perimeter of the wall. The hard back of the handle can be used to apply more firm pressure when sanding cracks and chips in the wall surface. The HB-1 comes with a spare sanding belt included and a wrench for adjusting belt tension. The belt must loosened and rotated occasionally to make us of the entire belt and prevent wear where the handle edge apply pressure to it

NOTICE: The Hoof Buffer-2 with metal blade has been discontinued.
Only a limited supply of replacement blades for the HB-2 are available.

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(c) Hoof Buffer-1 'Original'
(c) Hoof Buffer-1 'Original'
Our Price: $45.00

HB-1 'Original' Adjustable tension sanding tool for rounding and smoothing the hoof wall. Flexible sanding belt conforms to curved surfaces. Used with one and two hand grips. Creates smoothest possible finish to hoof wall. Designed to be used after Radius Rasps or HB-2 PRO. Excellent for maintaining smooth finish to the arc of the Mustang Roll. Belts are rotated to extend use. Long-lasting aluminum handle.

Includes: > 2 sanding belts: brown fine grit installed,green coarse grit spare > Adjustment wench

Watch Hoof Buffer Video:

Hoof Buffer Video