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The Evo Hoof Stands TM

A Revolutionary New Multi-Function Hoof Support System

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Evo Hoof Stand Features:
  • Flip-up Hoof Cradle (no switching attachments!)
  • A built in Handle (one-hand carry of tools and station)
  • Push/Pull Height Selector (no pin to pull or knob to turn!)
  • Removable legs for easy packing<
  • Height range of 15” to 26”
  • Height adjustment in 1” increments
  • Spring-loaded inner stand shaft for quick elevation
  • 4-position Grip Head (fits on 4 ways to vary leg bracing positions)
  • Low profile channel steel legs for maximum stand stability (one toe or knee bracing)
  • Fully galvanized, rust-proof bright zinc finish on steel parts
  • Hoof Cradle Extension to help hold those tiny Mini hooves (for the WS-2 'Shorty")

    From the Inventor:

    I introduced the first adjustable height hoof stand to the market back in the 1980s. It was also the first to include a removable hoof cradle attachment. That stand was known as "The Backsaver." Many of those stands are still in service today. After 25 more years of experience and experimentation, I have 'retooled' these concepts in ways that will make your work faster, more precise, and much easier. The Evo stands have a flip-up hoof cradle that doubles as a handle, allowing you to easily carry it with one hand. This flip-up cradle is always at the ready—no more stopping to switch between hoof grip and cradle attachments. The cradle instantly flips up or down as you transition from working the outside of the hoof on the grip head to trimming the sole on the cradle. The narrow profile of this hoof cradle gives you greater control over the angle of the hoof on the cradle than do ‘sling type’ cradles. It also provides superior access to the hoof wall compared to wider and longer cradle designs. It never interferes with your access to the hoof! Its solid support reduces the effort required to apply your tools effectively. When using your hoof knife or Sole Rasp on bars or sole, and rasping the bearing surface of the hoof wall flat, you can shift the hoof forward or backward across the cradle to focus the support where you need it. This solid support and open access also make rounding the hoof wall with the Radius Rasps and Hoof Buffers much faster. The exceptional stability of this design allows you to use the hoof cradle on front hooves as well as hind ones. Its low-profile, three-leg base is far superior to solid round bases. It allows you to work with your legs wide apart--no more cramping your knees together to support hind hooves or stabilize a typical hoof stand.There is no hoof stand on the market that gives you these integrated features. Plus--you can always upgrade it to become a Complete Hoof Care Workstation by adding a Tool Caddy. And it is made right here in the USA. I promise you it is worth every penny.

    And remember: Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
    Leslie Emery

    Model HS-1
    The Basic Evo Hoof  Stand-1 Standard,  15-25" height range

    The HS-1 is the core hoof stand aspect of the Standard Hoof Care Workstation. It includes the dual position Grip Head with flip-up Hoof Cradle and Handle function as well as the Push-Pull Height Adjustment Selector With the inner stand shaft removed you can use the Hoof Cradle at its lowest height of 15". 


    Model HS-2
    The Basic Evo Hoof Stand-2 'Shorty',  9-15" height range

    The HS-2 is the core hoof stand aspect of the 'Shorty' Hoof Care Workstation. It includes the dual position Grip Head with flip-up Hoof Cradle and Handle function as well as the Push-Pull Height Adjustment Selector.  The 'Shorty' also comes withs a Cradle Extension that inserts in either side of the Cradle to hold small hooves in place so that you have both hands free to operate your nippers. A powerful magnet on the stand shaft provides a secure storage position for the Cradle Extension when not in use. This function is essential when trimming Mini Horse hooves. If you buy the Work Station Standard the HS-2 'Shorty' makes a useful complement for trimming Minis and larger horses with stiff or sore joints. You can carry your Work Station to hold your tools while you use the 'Shorty' HS-1 to hold the hoof as you work. 

    The Push--Pull Height Adjustment Selector

    This aspect of the Work Station can be retrofitted to older models of the Backsaver hoof stand. It replaces the ball-lock detent pin used to set the stand height. This device enables you to adjust the stand shaft height easily and rapidly even when the hoof is resting on the Grip Head or Cradle. It also gives you a storage position for the Cradle when you wish to remove it from the Grip Head.


    The Grip Head -- Fiip-Up Hoof Cradle & Handle Unit

    This aspect of the Work Station can also be retrofitted to older models of the Backsaver hoof stand. Note that older models have a taller outer stand shaft so the lowest height of the Cradle and Grip Head will be about 2" taller than on the new generation of Work Stations and Evo Hoof Stands.


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